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VRG develops activities with the aim of ending its disassociation with FSC


According to the statement of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) on January, 8th 2019, FSC will enter into formal discussion with the Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) to develop a plan for VRG to correct the past activities which were not in line with FSC’s Policy for Association, and mitigate any negative impacts from these, with a view to VRG potentially re-entering the FSC system upon completion of this plan.

This decision of FSC was issued after FSC conducted an assessment of VRG's readiness to implement the conditions to end disassociation. According to FSC, the assessment results were  positive, so FSC and VRG will enter the planning stage in 2020, called "Roadmap towards ending disassociation”.

The assessment of FSC showed clear evidence of VRG top management’s commitment towards FSC. This evidence included public announcement by VRG of the past activities which were not in line with FSC’s Policy for Association and commitment to address these; VRG has taken tangible steps with appropriate social and environmental values ​​and more responsible business practices; demonstrated transparency in executive management; gradually improved the stakeholder engagement; and no additional evidence of significant forest conversion to plantations after 2015.
FSC will begin to develop a 'Roadmap' through a comprehensive, transparent and close stakeholder engagement process. The Roadmap will state the conditions to be fulfilled by VRG to correct the past activities which were not in line with FSC’s Policy for Association, and remedy any environmental and social impacts related to these, and prevent the reoccurence of any similar activities.
VRG understands that the Roadmap implementation is not an automatic guarantee towards ending the disassociation, however, VRG will endeavor to complete the conditions of the Roadmap to reassociate with FSC in a timely manner. VRG will strengthen the collaboration with stakeholders for assistance and verification of the Roadmap implementation results. In addition, VRG will work with appropriate organizations to assess the potential on sustainable rubber forest management and adapting to FSC criteria of VRG’s members who plan to supply sustainable natural rubber and rubberwood to their customers, so they could apply for FSC certification in the event of a potential future reassociation of FSC and VRG.
For more information: VRG contacts: Email: tmtrung@rubbergroup.vn, Tel:+84 913743009, Fax: +84 28 3932 7341.

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