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Asian Rubber Dinners - Fostering friendship among stakeholders

Asian Rubber Dinners - Fostering friendship among stakeholders

When you think of the Asian Rubber Dinners, you get the feeling that they are great celebrations in the rubber world, especially in the Asian region. It indeed is a great assembly of the people in the rubber/ tyre- related business, and people from all over the world are there — from the US, the UK, different parts of Europe, and the entire Asia. Do you think they come just for enjoy­ing a dinner and the accompanying enter­tainment? Never so. People are not fools to spend such a lot of money to go to different countries in Asia just for spending a great evening of fun, drinks, entertainment and, above all, the mouth-watering Asian food!

When you hear of a 'Rubber Dinner,' people immediately relate it to a dinner. However, it is far, far beyond that. These Dinners pro­vide great opportunities for business net­working, establishing new friendships and renewing old ties!

In some of the Asian countries, they organize a golf tournament for their clients during the day-time of the Dinner. In some countries, it is a two-day golfing affair. Prices will be dis­tributed to the winners of the tournament during the dinner.
Vietnam Dinner is basically a sit-down din­ner and invariably on a Friday. However, the Indian dinner, which is called India Rubber Summit & Dinner, is always on a Saturday. It is value-added with a one full-day Interna­tional Conference.
The VRA Annual Dinner in Ho Chi Minh City on December 6, 2013 (Friday) was attended by a record number of 900 + delegates from all the Asian and other countries and was organized in style and pomp. The entertain­ment and the food were excellent. 
John Powath, Rubber Asia Jan - Feb 2014: 112 - 113.


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